Community Policies

Pet Policy

We welcome your pets. We understand that a pet is part of your family. Each pet requires a $300 non-refundable pet deposit in addition to the regular deposit. All pets have to be approved by the insurance carrier. Therefore no breed, full or mix, that has been deemed vicious is allowed.

Trash Day

At Alpha Mobile Home Park, we take pride in our community, so it is our policy that all trash is to be disposed of properly.  Keep your yard, driveway and street free of trash.  All trash cans are to be placed on the curb for pick up no earlier than 6 pm on Monday evenings.  The trash cans must be removed no later than 10 am Wednesday mornings.

Vehicle Parking

Please be sure to park your vehicles in the driveway.  Any vehicle that is inoperable, being used for storage, sitting on flat tires or missing major parts will not be allowed on the premises.

Loud Music

Please remember to respect your neighbors.  Do not play loud music at any time.  Remember to use the streets to navigate to community and do not walk through the yards of other homes.

Clean Curb Appeal

All water hoses, dog chains, toys and lawn furniture should be on your patio or stored neatly by your house.  Leaving these items out of place creates difficulties when providing lawn mowing.  If you have a cable or Internet line that has not been buried, you must contact your service provider to safely secure any cables. If it is damaged during mowing, we are not responsible for calling it in or repairing it.

Sewer Line Policies

Please do not dispose of grease in the sinks.  This will cause a major backup in the sewer system.


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